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Messapotamia Lefae is a post-gender surrealist, sartorialist, dance artist, and chanteux based in Philadelphia, PA. She uses subversive performance art to preserve queer community, affirm gender self-determination, and heal the wounds of transphobia.

Born in Rhode Island, Messapotamia received dance training at Vassar College, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Wissahickon Dance Academy, and at the Performance Garage with Alexei Borovik. She studies voice with Cookie Diorio at Cory O’Niell Walker Vocal Studio.

Messy has performed with The Bearded Ladies Cabaret on the Beard Mobile and in Late Night Snacks Cabaret, Bastille Day, Do You Want a Cookie?, and in Color Me Bearded.

In 2019, Messy and designer Christopher Ash created immersive, projection-assisted performances in a vintage Nomad camper, Messapotamia’s Lipsync Lounge, pre-show entertainment at the Late Night Snacks Cabaret.

Now Messy is involved in outreach ministry at Saint Mark’s Church, making sandwiches for people experiencing homelessness and living in the Patco concourse, and delivering produce and groceries from Philabundance to The Church of the Crucifixion for their weekly free farmers’ market serving the Latinx diaspora, and to Saint Simon’s Church for their weekly free farmers’ market and daily hot meal ministries serving Point Breeze.

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