The Guerrilla Music Video Project

Messapotamia began working on the “Guerrilla Music Video Project” upon moving to Philadelphia, PA in January 2010. There are a number of incredibly talented home-grown YouTube-based artists covering timeless pop songs just waiting for their big break.  Thieving and sometimes editing the audio from these bathroom video recordings, she produces music videos with an imaginative, surrealist twist.  The primary objectives are to develop a character or identity from the voices and to superimpose a task, a concept, or a challenge with which to play.  The costuming, body language, the subtle narratives, delivery of the lyrics, and gender interpretation are meant to be ironic, campy, and dissonant.

soggycheerios’s “Sprout and the Bean”

katelyncohen’s “My Neck, My Back”


(8/17/2010) BOI’s “Sweet Dreams” (a collaboration with Carla Oki and Heidi Berlin)

“A collaboration with Carla Oki and Heidi Berlin, this performance of BOI’s cover of Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams” captures the multiplicity of the 2010 woman. Watch the original.”

(7/12/2010) insaneelaine’s “Kiss Me” (featuring Mika and Croissant)

“The Cheshire Cats of Lefae: Mika and Croissant – Cat-like humans or human-like cats?
Thank you, insaneelaine and friend Christine, for melting the hearts of YouTube audiences around the world. Watch the original:
This performance features one large Cat’s Cradle woven into the Klutz classic: Jacob’s Ladder. O nostalgia!”

(6/22/2010) camilleisrael’s “How Bizarre”

“Thanks to the lovable and inspiring camilleisrael, the House of Lefae has unsheathed the lip-liner and taken a stab at performing ugly-sexy… no, alternative sex appeal – across multiple dimensions! Behold the power of Lefae! Watch the original:

(4/6/2010) RinOnTheRox’s “Better In Time”

“A Funeral for a Beloved Palm Tree.  Watch the original here:

(2/20/2010) Trina Featuring Kelly Rowland’s “Here We Go”
Video blocked.  Sorry.

“Lil’ Bo Peep and Na Na Blaque-Sheep take on Trina and Kelly Rowland’s “Here We Go.” What’s a girl (and her sheep) to do when her man run game?”

(2/13/2010) Glee Cast’s “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” (a collaboration with Anastasia Morbidanova)

“Our latest performance features audio from the Glee Cast performing “Halo/Walking On Sunshine.” This film developed into a tale of domestic tension and the resulting homicidal tendencies. The House of Lefae is happy to introduce featured performer, Anastasia Morbidanova.”

(2/5/2010) RinOnTheRox’s “If I Were A Boy”

“A tribute to hard-werking women – set to the vocal stylings of Rin on the Rox. We love these Bay Area divas sew much! More to come – watch out.  Watch the original here:

(1/28/2010) VanJess’s “Obsessed”

“This could be an instant classic. Thanks again to the wonderful and talented VanJess24! We’re waiting for you to perform “Spotlight” by Jennifer Hudson. Go git it, grrls.  Watch the original here:

(1/28/2010) VanJess’s “Eh Eh”

“More VanJess24! Grrls, git it.  Watch the original here:…

(1/26/2010) VanJess’s “Bad Romance”

“We LOVE VanJess so much, we had to do an homage. Tranny Love from the House of Lefae.  Watch the original here:



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