Messapotamia Lefae (she/her) is a post-gender surrealist, sartorialist, dance artist and chanteux based in Philadelphia, PA. 

Born in Rhode Island, Messy received dance training at Vassar College (Poughkeepsie, NY), The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (Toronto, ON), Wissahickon Dance Academy (Philadelphia, PA).

Since moving to Philadelphia in 2010, Messy has performed at the AIDS Fund’s GayBINGO as a Bingo Verifying Diva, and has volunteered at special events for nonprofits like the William Way Community Center, Action Wellness, Philadelphia’s Gay Men’s Chorus, InLiquid, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, and Philly AIDS Thrift.

She recently worked as a choreographer and movement coach in Villanova Theatre’s production of Orlando, directed by James Ijames. 

She performed in the 2019 Fringe Festival at the Late Night Snacks Cabaret.

She has performed in the Bastille Day reenactment at Eastern State Penitentiary (Philadelphia, PA). She made her (live) singing debut in the immersive cabaret experience Do You Want a Cookie? for the Fringe Festival. She also appeared alongside Martha Graham Cracker and Stephanie Blythe in Blythely After Hours and Dito & Aeneas for Opera Philadelphia’s O18 Festival. She was featured in Tom Wilson Weinberg’s Cabaret Verite, a benefit for the William Way LGBT Community Center.

Messy main goals as an artist are to preserve queer community, affirm gender self-determination, and heal the wounds of transphobia. Her latest best idea is lip syncing all of the instruments in a jazz band or electric guitar solos. 

Messy is working on her first book of poetry about being a horny, queer-bodied femme chasing after hot guys called She dealt her pretty words like blades of grass. Email messapotamia@gmail.com if you’re interested.


Messy has performed with The Bearded Ladies Cabaret in Late Night Snacks Cabaret, Messapotamia’s Lipsync Lounge, Bastille DayDo You Want a Cookie?, and in Color Me Bearded.

She has collaborated with songwriter Tom Wilson Weinberg in intimate cabarets featuring local musical talent, as well as in Queer Fiddler.

In 2016, she played Eve in an original play called Paradise Lost in Space directed by Multiform and Omri at Radical Faerie Camp Destiny (Chester, VT).

She has performed in local ballet company Pages to Pirouettes.

In 2014, she was featured in the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus’s (PGMC) Proud Mary’s at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre (Philadelphia, PA).

Messy and DJ Ricky Paul hosted the live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest at the Swedish and Danish embassies in Washington, D.C. She has performed in Ricky Paul’s irreverent theatre troupe, the Dumpsta Players.

In 2012, she performed in BRAT Production’s The Diary of Lisa Q directed by Madi Distefano at Plays and Players Theater (Philadelphia, PA).

Messy and Lance Pawling (a.k.a. Tasker Morris) created an immersive performance art installation The Bereaved at NAPOLEON Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) in 2012.

Contact Information

email: messapotamia@gmail.com
facebook: Messapotamia Lefae